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Casemaker Ltd clinging to its 50 years old tradition produces cases due to our customers demands in size and quality. Each case we manufacture is made of natural materials wood, leather, by using textiles or in simple quality. With our mostly hand-made, custom designed products we take many things into consideration: characteristics of the fancy goods and type of the awarding occasion. We help our customers in designing the wrappings of gifts and representative products fitting the occasion and we manufacture the thing we dreamed about together. We produce occasion suiting wrapping for every kind of item, even unique ones. We are proud of the fact that the president of the republic gives the highest honours and orders of our country in cases made by us.

At many places around our country many plaquettes and appreciation are given to athletes in cases produced by us. Outside of the domain of the awarding and appreciation, we also manufacture decorative cases. Its important that the excellent product is placed properly in a wrapping or case that fits it. May the case be when the wrapping draws the attention of the customer during commercial sale or when the awarded person feels himself/herself honoured also by the wrapping. The important thing about the valuable product, which is to be sold, is the image developing in the mind of the customer or the awarded person, and this image is influenced by the details.

The wrapping or the case is one of these details, it gives the customer (or the awarded person) the first impression. In our extraordinarily accelerated, rushing world plenty of stimuli and effects reach us. Its not an indifferent thing that our products on the shelves of shops do or do not make contact with the customers minds by their remarkable, representative wrapping. Function and feeling Our products satisfy both functional and psychological needs.

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